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RailsCamp Germany 2013

July 27/28, 2013 · Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne

Almost there

24 Jul 2013

RailsCamp Germany #5 is approaching fast, with only 2 days left until our very special geekend begins. High time for some last updates and infos to prepare us all for this unconference extraordinaire. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know:

What to bring

When you leave your house, apartment, cave, boat, or whatever awesome place you’re living at, make sure to bring (at least some of) these items along:

  • Computer
  • Power adapters, cables, etc. (esp. display adapters for projectors!)
  • Towel
  • Light clothes (and preferably lots of them, because it’s going to be hot and humid)
  • Sports clothes (Nothing elaborate. Just don’t miss out on a fun round of e.g. Ultimate Frisbee, because you cannot sweat your fancy pants!)
  • Camping stuff, if you want to sleep at the venue (at least a sleeping bag, but you can go pro on this and bring your tents and whatnot, if you like.)
  • Climbing equipment, if you’re an avid climber (there’s a wall in the main hall, and you can also rent equipment from the Abenteuerhallen)
  • Swimming pants/suits or similar, if you want to cool down with a swim sometime (there’s a place not far away, bonus points for mankinis!)
  • Medicine and other such things you may need
  • Frisbees, balls, outdoor games, board games, funky hardware or objects, and basically anything you want to share with others and/or have fun with. Go crazy!

Session planning

This week we launched the session planning tool, where you should propose your session as soon as possible, so people can show their interest and we can plan more efficiently on Saturday morning.

The tool is still under development, so please expect a few quirks and bugs. The app is actually being built by our friends of eurucamp for their awesome conference, which also allows for plenty of activities during the day. Many thanks for letting us (ab)use it!

Make sure you add good descriptions, especially if your proposed session is not a talk! And please register and show your interest for the sessions you might want to attend.

Getting there

In case you haven’t seen it, instructions for getting to the Camp are listed on the venue page on the website. If you have questions beyond that, shoot us a tweet, or drop us an email at mail[at]


Don’t bother with printing out your tickets. We’ll just use a simple guest list, nightclub style. If you chose the pay-at-the-door option, please make sure to bring counted cash. We won’t have change for you, especially not in coins.

There are still some last tickets left, so we still have room for a few more people. If you haven’t already, tell all your Ruby/Rails/Web friends about RailsCamp! Tweet about it, blog about it, post it on F***book… you get the idea.

Setup and Warmup Party

Setup will begin on Friday morning, and the more people we are, the easier it gets. So if you have time, swing by the Abenteuerhallen anytime you want on Friday and join the prep crew!

The warmup party will take place at the venue and start at about 20:00. You can already sleep in the skate hall or outdoors on Friday, if you like. There are showers as well, so you can start fresh into the day in the morning.

Opening Session

And finally, we’ll begin the welcome reception and planning session at about 11:00 on Saturday morning. Everything else will be announced and explained there, so please make sure you don’t miss it, everybody!

See you there!

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, tweet us at @railscamp_de or send us a good old email to mail[at]! Have a good trip to Cologne and see you at the Camp!