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RailsCamp Germany 2013

July 27/28, 2013 · Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne

Getting warmer

11 Jul 2013

Not even 3 weeks left until the best RailsCamp ever – time to start warming up and announcing things! But first off, a big thank you to everybody who already contributed something, anything, to this unconference extraordinaire! You’re many, and it’s going great so far. Keep it up!

Let’s begin with a short (obviously incomplete) summary of the current state of organization. Please dive in and help out with anything you like1, even if it’s just adding useful information to the comments:

  • We’ll have a beer garden and a large hack tent with beach chairs n stuff outside, and we can officially make noise there until 5am. The warm-up party will also take place there, so if you want, you seriously don’t have to leave the venue at all from Friday until Sunday.
  • The setup indoors is pretty much sorted out, and fortunately most of the material doesn’t even have to be shipped there, because the venue comes with all sorts of things like chairs, stage elements, etc.
  • We still need some projectors (or how the Germans among us like to call them: beamers). If you can bring one, please add a comment to the issue!
  • There’s going to be a Railscamp 5k Run
  • We’ll have über-awesome wi-fi, courtesy of the CCC
  • We’re still trying to get a proper Internet uplink secured. Hope for the best, or help get it done!
  • Our campers and Sailor sponsors of Geekstammtisch will set up their podcasting studio at the venue, and will probably even do live recording sessions if you’re interested. Furthermore, we’ll have a freelance journalist creating a short movie about the camp.
  • Ticket sales are going well so far (more on that in the next post), and most of the first batch is gone. Fun fact: at the time of this writing, you contributed the average amount of 7 EUR more per ticket than the suggested price. Thank you, everybody!
  • We have a quote for a coffee truck (with flat rate and optional crêpe unit), but we still need sponsors for it (~500/day). Anyone interested in making a lot of campers very happy?
  • Rails Girls will be officially part of the camp with sessions, app hacking, and more. Separate announcement/invitation coming up. Thanks to everybody involved in this so far!

That’s it for today’s status update. As you can see, we’re unstoppable by now, and it’s only getting even better by the day. Thanks again to everybody who contributed so far! And see you tomorrow for our next announcement!

P.S.: We also have an Atom feed for the blog now. Use any RSS/Atom reader to subscribe!

  1. “We” always includes you and every other participant.